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Take a trip into the purest compound of thrill and relaxation with Palm Desert Hot Air Balloon Rides on your very first balloon flight. Our professional captains take you to new heights for an airborne adventure that is unrivaled. We have an absolute allegiance to fulfill your every request by providing the experience of a lifetime.

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Balloon Rides in Palm Desert

Balloon Flights around Palm Desert

There's no better way to be introduced into the realm of flight than with an enchanting hot air balloon ride. Prepare to experience Palm Desert from the best viewpoint at thousands of feet above Earth's floor. Your tour at the highest level of elevation will take roughly an hour. We have an immense range of features that will serve to remind you of your amazing ballooning experience. Feel the purest form of thrill with the help of our professional team who devote themselves to providing an unmatched experience.

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Palm Desert Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Palm Desert Ballooning Gifts

Ballooning and all of the elements pertaining to it gift the passengers to a refined equanimity, excitement, and ease. Our completely transferable certificates create long lasting memories of an amazing adventure. Certificates of flight are redeemable through our extensive complex of participating facilities throughout the United States.

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Palm Desert Balloon Festivals

Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Witness the one-of-a-kind view of dozens of technicolor balloons ascending toward the heavens when you attend the Palm Desert Balloon Fair. No matter if you prefer seeing the spectacle from the ground or taking to the skies in a balloon, we can turn your fantasy into a reality.

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Palm Desert Corporate Balloon Advertising

Palm Desert Balloon Advertising

The trick to marketing your business is to create hype with a creative setup utilizing something stimulating and memorable. Utilizing the publicity from ballooning promotions will absolutely get tongues wagging. Using flyovers and tethered flights serves as an outreach to an absolutely new market to get your business taking off in profits.

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At Palm Desert Hot Air Balloon Rides, we pride ourselves on offering a risk-free environment and balloon trip to satisfy your needs. We employ veteran captains who are exhaustively practiced to deliver a unique experience tailored to your specific wants. The criteria for obtaining one's balloon pilot certification includes a minimum of 16 hours flight time and a myriad of additional criteria. This being the minimum, meaning, in the basic sense, aviators must execute many hours worth of flight flawlessly before being considered a safe and useful balloon pilot. Take your passion for flight to the extreme with a scenic balloon flight over Palm Desert, enjoy the peace of mind that your safety is out top priority. Believe in us, we've got it covered.

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